About Our Library

About Our Library

Welcome to the New Success University Library. A place to access tons of digital products uploaded to transform your life, business and family.

Our library is created to give our students, NSN members and the general public unusual access to books, ebooks, audio, videos, graphics, templates, softwares and other digital products that will help improve individual and business performances at the most reasonable and affordable price.

While we give some products for free on this library, we sell these products at a discounted price with the aim of donating a portion of our revenue to support our cause of helping the less privileged globally through Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. You can DONATE or buy multiple products to distribute to friends and family as a digital gift.

Who We Are

You may buy a hardcopy of any product and this will be shipped to you with additional reasonable shipping cost. Simply contact our team with your special request.

We therefore encourage students, members and visitors to purposefully buy with the intention of supporting the hurting world. Check out our library FIRST before buying from any other online store as you may find those products here.

We offer resell rights to a large portion of our products while some are restricted. Please check the product features to know how to use it or simply email us for approval.

Kindly visit WWW.NEWSUCCESSUNIVERISTY.COM for professional online training experience relevant for personal development, corporate, leadership and business growth.